Mini Ninjas

Join Hiro, the smallest hero on the biggest adventure, as he and his Mini Ninja friends embarks on an epic and electrifying quest Experience console quality gaming in your Chrome browser! No discs, no fuss. For the first time you can play Mini Ninjas, a console game, in your Chrome browser. Launch the game to join Hiro, the smallest hero on the biggest adventure, as he and his Mini Ninja friends embarks on an epic and electrifying quest Set off on your adventures today armed with your mighty ninja training and magic. Play for free, subscribe monthly or buy games. Play for free for 20 minutes per day with ads. You can also get a subscription to play all games unlimited with no ads - or buy the games you love the most. See more on Critics Comments: Play Magazine “An original break-the-mould adventure filled with tight, constantly evolving action spread across 6 super cool ninja” NZGamer “…you've got a heck of a lot to play with….” IGN “a beautiful, fun game”


Buckle up for the final frontier: action-packed space battles, evil aliens, unknown phenomena and tricky missions await you in… SHOWDOWN AT DARKORBIT Duty calls! Enlist today and become a space pilot in DarkOrbit. Explore dangerous, distant galaxies and compete against real players in interstellar battles! DarkOrbit has achieved cult status among space game fans. Millions of players roam the galaxies looking for raw materials with their weapons armed and ready for battle. - Three companies compete for control over the universe - Complex quests for noobs and veteran players - Ten fully customizable and configurable spaceships - Unlimited supply of weapons, ammo, and equipment - Compete for the chance to win $10,000 every month!

Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World is a FREE to play online racing game where you can compete with millions of players around the World. *Note: Client download and registration required. Runs on Windows platform only. Experience a massive open world that delivers 100+ miles of driving pleasure. Win in style with a massive selection of licensed Tuners, Muscle, Exotics and Classics. Increase your chances of winning a Race or evading cops in a Pursuit by loading up your car with Powerups such as Nitrous and Juggernaut! Compete in Multiplayer events, take on cops with your friends in Team Escape or cruise around Free Roam while hunting for Treasure Gems. With events catering to Race, Pursuit and Explore, there is an experience for everyone. If you want to show you style, add aftermarket parts such as Neons, Window Tints, Custom License Plates, Vinyls and Paints! You can also max out your ride with Performance Customization parts such as Engine, Transmission, Suspension and more! Play4Free! Play it Now!

Tank Riders

Update 1.0.2: - Aiming with keys fixed for default control configuration. - Level 1-6 pressure-plate fix. WANTED: Able-bodied… Update 1.0.2: - Aiming with keys fixed for default control configuration. - Level 1-6 pressure-plate fix. WANTED: Able-bodied recruits to fill a number of sudden... vacancies in the 153rd tiny tank battalion. Only the finest, bravest and buffest need apply. In return, we offer all the honour and glory you can eat, and a tiny, little tank of your very own. Join the fray in Tank Riders, a 3D tank battle game, which combines vibrant, colourful graphics, fast-paced action and exploration to create a package that will charm everyone - from hard core gamers to wet-eared newbies. Attack hordes of oncoming baddies with an arsenal of cannons, missiles and mortars! Bounce shots off walls to hit lurking enemies before they have a chance to attack! Blast through walls and charge ahead, or find hidden paths to sneak up on enemies unawares! Multiplayer battles coming soon!

Wolf Toss

Got Bacon? Have a blast destroying pig-engineered huts, houses and mansions as the Big Bad Wolf on this free to play adventure. Birds don’t eat pigs - this guy does! Guide the Big Bad Wolf in his battle against the Three Little Pigs in Zipline Game's challenging new physics puzzler Wolf Toss. Shoot from cannons, explore huge levels and circumvent towering defenses that go way beyond hay, sticks and bricks. Use strategy and power-ups to burn, roll, float, blast and even teleport your way past rubber walls, moving platforms and spinning propellers to delicious victory. If you get stuck, try your luck on the Cheat Wheel to gain a really unfair advantage. Wolf Toss combines the addicting game play of your favorite puzzle game and the deeper experience of an old-school platform game with power ups, collectibles and cheats to keep things fun and exciting every time you play. Master the cannon shot and unlock everything in Forest, Cave, and City game worlds and Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty settings to defeat 144 unique levels and collect all the bacon! Note: Wolf Toss is free to play, but charges real money for in-app content. You may restrict the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your browser settings. Supported platforms: Chrome 15 or later, on Windows and Mac. Windows 7 is recommended over Windows Vista and XP. Performance may vary on older systems. Linux support is currently experimental. We do not support developer releases of Chrome at this time.