Firefox for Android (Fennec) 24

Firefox for mobile (codenamed Fennec) is the build of the Mozilla Firefox web browser for devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Firefox for mobile uses the same Gecko layout engine as Mozilla Firefox. For example, version 1.0 used the same engine as Firefox 3.6, and the following release, 4.0, shared core code with Firefox 4.0. Its features include HTML5 support, Firefox Sync, add-ons support and tabbed browsing.[4]

DefendR - TD 1.3.3

DefendR is the latest TD game for Android, featured in a magical and medieval world. It is your mission to defeat the attacking creeps in 49 challenging labyrinths in superb graphics. Build towers, create mazes and strike with magic - don't let them escape!Can you discover the right tactics to survive? Each level is unique, action-packed, strategic and full of surprises.Download the ultimate variation for free and stop the creeps from destroying your kingdom!This is the free version with 7 unique levels. The full version features 49 levels.Features:*...

Tower Defense 3D Free 1.012

Tower Defense 3D Free Version Funny Crazy Final Stage GalaxyS2 Tested Recent changes: Bug fix Content rating: Low Maturity

Letter Tower defence 1.3

It is a simple tower defence game. -To build tower click on the free square -To select tower touch on the tower -to update touch on the selected tower

Defender of Diosa 1.0

“Defender of Diosa” is set in a fantasy world. It is a tale of two Diosa (goddess). You, the General of Kingdom of Phoenix, swore to protect Diosa Ada(Chicken) in her battle against the minions - goblin hordes of her archnemesis and sister, Diosa Iris (Snake). To keep a promise, you lead your armies and use the goddess’s power to defeat the enemies, earn gold coins, upgrade your parties and craft citizen into the ultimate battle force! Features: - 7 Jobs (Citizen, Infantry, Archer, Magician, Knight, Axe Warrior, Assassin) - 2 Game Modes: Adventure, Quest Mode...

Void Defence 1.4.2

A tower defence game with a twist, again! Sister game to Spira Defence. You must defend your base from enemy attack by building / upgrading defence towers. Money is awarded for kills to spend on upgrades. Interest earned. ** Samsung Galaxy S2 Issues: If the game is randomly crashing for you, please play with the sound off from the options screen. I'm working to find a solution. ** This version is ad supported ** Pro version also available ** News, FAQ and Hi Scores at: ** Recent changes: - Fixed corrupt...

Zombie Street 1.7

Defense shooting action armed with splendid effects - Zombie Street Defense Build a stronghold and rescue your colleagues by escaping from the city occupied by zombies! ★ Desperate struggle against zombies to escape from the zombie city. - Alone in the city, you have only one pistol! - Buy weapons and mercenaries and upgrade, and you can block the endless zombies. ★ High quality graphic. - Natural animation characters and splendid shooting action. - Graphic displaying beautiful and characteristic city background every place. -...

Abula Hero Defense Free 1.25

Magic Tower Defense Game! Abula Heroes Tower Defense is set in the fantasy land of magic and collects the elements of fantasy, friendship, revenge, and self-improvement. It breaks the mode of achieving victory through simple formation deploying, a typical means adopted in traditional tower defense games. Heroes can purchase props from stores to equip themselves, which greatly upgrades the playability of the game. In the game, the heroes are to achieve the final victory against the enemies through careful deployment. ***Features***1. 5 scenes: Fire, Water, Air, Earth,...

别惹小鸡 2.4

《别惹小鸡》是一款极具趣味、策略与挑战性的声控游戏。在游戏中可恶的害虫即将入侵我们的菜园,唯一的防御方式就是根据您发出的音调高低来控制小鸡炮台,消灭不断而来的害虫。 本游戏集成了即时战略、塔防等游戏要素,以独特的声音控制代替了手动控制,用一个全新的操作模式给您带来前所未有的惊喜。 [2.4]更新内容: 1:新增了3个主角形象,更改了主角的攻击动作。 Content rating: Low Maturity

Kingdom Rush Ancient War 1.0.1

This game is a mix in between a flash defense game and a strategy game. The objective is to demolish the enemy base while defending your base. Have fun! Tag ancient war brain strategy defense action fight Content rating: High Maturity