Defender 3D 1.0

You must defend planet Earth from alien invaders. You must fly your craft in space shooting aliens before they kill you or attack Earth. Use either left,right,up and down gestures or tilt device left and right with slide up and down to move. Double press on the screen to fire. Content rating: Low Maturity

Tribe Hero 1.4

Join our uga uga caveman in his endless battle to win and protect his tribe and become their hero. Venture forth and dive into a completely new world of historic battles full of mythic creatures with all sorts of powers. You will be addicted to it immediately! In order to reach our goal and help our hero achieve victory, you, as uga uga's sidekick, are in charge of his loyal subjects. Eliminate all opponents, and ensure uga uga a safe passage. Remember, reaching the far end in-game is surely to be awarded!!;) No matter if you're bored, sleepy, or just...

Zombie Evil Hellfire Defense 1.1.8

Enemy is coming. Hero, take your arms, Defense Your Castle. #Various equip, win them in battle. #Update Castle. #Various skills, such as Fire ball, Armageddon, Glacial Spike, Jce Age, Thunder Storm, Rangnarok. #Using Thunder Storm to paralyze monster. #Various monster for your challenge Content rating: Everyone

Cosmix 1.3

Control robotic worm and destroy enemies. Protect your lair from enemy forces. v1.3 - fixed tail issue - fixed losing worm on trackball press - enemies are slowed down a bit - mute button added P.S. sorry for controls, I don't have an android phone yet and I'm testing the game on emulator :((

Anger B.C. 태고의 돌 1.3.10

화려한 그래픽을 자랑하는 3D 타워 디펜스 게임이 등장! 몬스터로부터 신성한 돌을 지키기 위해, 전설의 용사가 용맹한 전사들을 이끌고 일어섰다! 아름다운 태고의 시대를 마음껏 감상하며, 히어로, 전사, 마법 등 캐릭터를 플레이 하는 재미까지! 지금이 바로, 실력을 발휘할 때! 반드시, 전략적으로 신성한 돌을 지켜내세요! ************************************************************ [스토리] 사원에 숨겨진 신성한 돌에는, 세계를...

Rolling Guardian v1.3

롤링 가디언,Rolling Guardian,알까기,거북이,심심풀이,turtle,defense Game Description ★ ★ - Rolling Guardian skill mounting system, seven different types of maps, 30 different character, with a variety of terrain that can play a strategic game. - Up until now could not be enjoyed by a new type of control could not enjoy the existing micro-control in the game to enjoy. TIP ★ ★ games - Aim combo! The more powerful skill combos that can be used to increase opportunities. Combination equates to a higher...

aliEnd - Free Edition

aliEnd: For All Your Extraterrestrial Extermination Needs aliEnd is a fast-paced arcade game where players must clear alien infestations from extraterrestrial worlds. TILT to run, TAP to jump, and FLICK to fire your missiles. aliEnd is fun and challenging for kids of all ages. Featuring: * 16 Levels * Awesome 2D graphics for both large and small screens * Featuring the Music of Dev Jana * Tablet Ready About the Free Edition * Buy the FULL Edition to go ad-free. * FULL Edition is required to unlock...

Defen-G Astro POP - FREE 1.0.3

Strategy Defense game, Tower,defence,innodis,Defen-G,defeng,POP,astro,free Defen-G Astro POP is the recasted version which is based on the original Defen-G Astro. 『Over 3 Million Downloads – Defen-G Astro! Defen-G Astro is no more just a game. It's a breathtakingly exciting Next Cinema! The fate of Atea Tower, the origin of life, is in your hands! Defen-G Astro is a Strategy action defense game, full of fantastic graphics, cute characters and many skills. Place your units in a strategic manner in order to protect the Tower of...

Spira Defence 1.4.2

** SALE: To celebrate the release of Spira 2, all my X Defence Pro games are discounted!A tower defence game with a twist. You must defend your base from enemy attack by building/upgrading defence towers. Money is awarded for kills to spend on upgrades. Interest is earned on the money not spent.** Samsung Galaxy S2 Issues: If the game is randomly crashing for you, please play with the sound off from the options screen. I'm working to find a solution.** Ad Supported** Pro version also available** News, FAQ and Hi Scores at:**...

Tower Raiders FREE 1.19

Tower Raiders: Deep, strategic gameplay on the go. Small screen, Gianormous Gameplay! Build mega towers, protect allied crystal supplies on five unique levels! FOR DROID AND NEWER PHONES If the dialogs appear too large, try "Tower Raiders FREE G1" UPDATE: Bug fixes *Please EMAIL issues* TIPS: Miniguns defeat infantry Cannons defeat shields/armor Guns+Lasers defeat bosses